alinka encheverria

Monday, November 28, 2011

People might go to Paris to feel Love
Be in Love or to Fall in Love
as long as it is connected to Love.
I found Love for a Book I found in Centre Pompidou
Its from the photographer Alinka Echeverria
With her work about the Mexican Road to Tepeyac she is picturing
the Pilgrims who carry the holy Mary up the hill.

I see holy Mary and I believe love, hold me tight...


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sometimes you don't need words to make yourself clear
Sometimes no words can shock even more
Sometimes shock is how you should promote your Brand
like the Jewel Designer Björg did it in her new Video ( see below).....

HERESY from Matias&Mathias on Vimeo.

My E Flowerfield

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
The name of a Flowerfield...
his work makes me happy as seeing one.
Erwin Blumenfeld.
Artist from Berlin
Made a lot of good works for Vogue & Harpers Bazaar.
Feeling the flowers in his experimental Videos..

Bed of Needles

Monday, November 14, 2011

If art collective or band
Worth to see & hear it anyhow.
The Trio Kali, Mega & Demo build together
the musical performance art project which is called Steed Lord.
Grown up in the fantastic Icelandic Nature
they create this wonderful music-visual-art-pieces for us.
Fashion, Art,Graphic, and Music
all combined in a Bed of Needles....


Henna Designs

Friday, November 11, 2011
Henna Designs
Henna has medicinal value too. It is considered an anti-irritant, a deodorant and an antiseptic. It is used by Ayurvedic physicians for the treatment of heat rashes and skin allergies and to cool the body against the intense heat of summers.Henna designing is a form of intricate oriental henna painting that has been practiced for thousands of years - since the henna plant was first discovered in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Henna Designs>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Mehndi Patterns

Mehndi Patterns
Though the patterns and designs vary from religion to religion and festival to festival, the basic pattern remains the same meaning good luck and protection. Following are the meanings of the common figures used basically in the mehndi patterns:Many festivals other than Karwachauth also include various rituals performed with mehndi decked hands so applying mehndi is the common tradition practiced in India.

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New Arabic Mehndi Designs

New Arabic Mehndi Designs
Mehndi is a art fo Asian womens and girls and every women have a craze about mehndi designs .  Arabic Mehndi Designs are most popular than other designs these designs have beautiful look so girls like these designs than other . With passing time girls like new and latest designs and designers creates new designs . Many girls collect Mehndi Designs from different sources like magazines , books and from internet source .

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