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Monday, January 20, 2014

 Charming Cat Eye Makeup How To Watch Videos In addition, Visual Expression

Cat Eye Makeup How-to video for those who want to learn the narrative we wanted to make friends . Cat eye makeup does not suit every lady worthy of me , but also I think if you look very appealing to a very worthy person will be subject to the

Priorities for our lashes appear hollow just below the lash line with black eyeliner are applying .

Our eyes liquid liner up the middle to the edge of the eyelid are in progress . Be sure to follow the eyelash line .

Then, in a very subtle manner lash line liquid liner on the front side of the 're driving .

If your hands are shaking , or if you think you can not align the right under your eyebrow can follow him sticking a post-it .

Then your eye lash line to just above your edge will cut perpendicular to a line drawing and are filling . You can thicken the line downward for a dramatic look .

After finishing overflowing places clean and sharp lines to make your makeup , use a cotton swab . Thin end .

For spectacular view now ready !


eye makeup, cat eye makeup , makeup how-