Dolace& Gabbana Mens Fashion Show 2015

Monday, January 19, 2015

Dolace& Gabbana Mens Fashion Show 2015

Dolce&Gabbana's inspiration for the Fall winter 2014-15 collection was less literal than the historical sources, but it successfully distilled the romantic,majestic and even proud elements of the Norman people

To the sound of a courtly dance :drums and ctybals scanned the pace for our coquering heroes. The show opened with the 8 Norman kings of Sicily.  

The collection is characterized by prints- each look possessing at least one printed item;the suit, the shirt or just gloves or socks. The prints were inspires by the great Romanesque architecure of the Normans: basilicas, mausoleums, it was after all the Normans who brought Christianity back to the island after the Muslim  domination.

The accessories ruled the collection like Frederick II did the island. Their presence underpinned the inspiration. Everything but gimmicky, the crowns, the helmet by the great balaclavas, the embrodered armoured gloves and the court fool inspired footwear were like lttle  morsel of costume history redefined according to modern fashion.