Top Swimwear Trends Summer 2014-2015 summer Women Fashion

Monday, May 26, 2014
Top Swimwear Trends Summer 2014-2015 summer Women Fashion

Summer is closer day by day, and us girls need to be ready and prepared for a day at the beach.
We only have a couple of months left to decide what is the perfect swimsuit, so let’s do this today, shall we?
I know every year it is difficult to find the perfect swimwear, while staying in the trends in the same time, so, to make your choice easier, we have prepared for you atop swimwear trends Summer 2014 straight from catwalks.
Designers have some amazing come-backs in regards to swimwear trends for us, so be prepared to be inspired!
I bet you can find some of these in the stores already so let’s get sexy and fashionable for the beach!


Crochet is one of the come-backs of fashion! 30 years ago they were a hit and now they are in again. Famous designers use the crochet to bring a chic bohemian element to any swimsuit.


Never thought macramé is going to be in and fashion? Well we have fresh news for you, it is! Macramé details are incorporated in interesting new ways to make you feel sexy and special even at the beach!

Nautical swimsuits

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