Ordinary Woman Can Be Transformed Into Cover girl With Clever MAke UP

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ordinary Woman Can Be Transformed Into Cover girl With Clever MAke UP

Vadim Andreev, 29, from Saint Petersburg is a make-up artist. The Russian makeup artist has a mission to prove that a ordinay woman can be transformed into beauty queen with the help of clever makeup or the use of air brush. He litigated that a women don't need to resort to surgery, he give any woman a cover girl transformation by simply using cosmetics. He Prove his amazing skill with striking before and after pics. Have a look,

He said: 'Make-up is a very personal and individual process.
 I believe that every common girl can become a glamorous celebrity. 
I want to help everyone to see their own beauty, just sometimes 
it takes a little bit more time and a bit of a helping hand.'

'I believe that every common girl can become a glamorous celebrity.
 I want to help everyone to see their own beauty'

Vadim Andreev says about his skill,'It was my hobby. I really loved
 to transform people ever since I was I child,When I grew up I 
decided to go into professional make-up and hair stylist'

Vadim become stylist to stars quickly. He has been working as 
amakeup artist, when he was only 16 year old. Now he was worked
 on Russian TV shows and a large number of Russian celebrities,
 actresses, popstars and models are his clients.
 He Says,'I started taking these photos to show people they can
 change, be more attractive, look and feel happier' 

He work not only for women but also gives make-overs to man 
who want to make thier skin look clearer. Vadim reveal his aim 
that he want to show that anyone could look like a flawless 
celebrity with the right time and know-how.

He says,'[The photos] don't mean women should do heavy 
make-up all the time. There are little make-up secrets for 
everyday. Everybody can use them,'

'My secret is in the eye, I guess. I can see the beauty inside each
 person and show it to everybody.
'My top tips for the everyday woman are: use a light under-eye
 concealer, cream blush on the top of your cheek, and highlight on
'Put some bronzer under your cheekbones and along the 
chin and blend well over the face. 
'Put some black mascara on your lashes and apply warm pink 
lipgloss on lips. This will give you fresh, young look.

'Recently, we did a great makeover for a friend of mine. She lives
 in a small town and is kind of old fashioned. She had a terrible 
fringe which didn't suit her. I opened her forehead, put in some
 hair extensions, tweezed her eyebrows, did her make-up - and
 she obviously became like a celebrity. She was very happy and
 didn't remove the make-up for three days.'

'I have a lot of plans and dreams about my future in make-up, such 
as writing a book and have my own TV show about makeovers. 
'And, of course, my usual work with lovely brides, giving 
workshops and masterclasses.'